Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Colour Me Adjustable

Many of you know, because of past rants, that I am not a creature of change. I fight it pretty hard, and generally lose. Particularly in the work place, this place changes faster that babies need nappies switched out. I find it exhausting.

Continuing in that vein my job is changing one more time and I sincerely hope this is the last adjustment (at least for a while). Last week was 'the' last week for another major player around here. Our "Director of Facilities" saw better opportunities in another town and he and his family vamoosed! This left a hole in the office staffing. The powers that be decided that three of us could take on aspects of his old job. Sounds like fun eh.

Ya gotta love the thought that when you leave an establishment that it takes three people to pick up the pieces. However the three people, in this case, that are taking on the new duties already have a full case load all their own.

As I've stated many times and venomously - I don't do change well - I realize that a big part of not adjusting well is the fact that I AM a creature of habit and routine. Create havoc in my routine and I'm not a happy camper as I scamper around trying to regroup.

This sums up my week this week. I feel somewhat out of place, discombobulated, and to some extent - out of control. Well maybe "out of control" is a bit strong, but I certainly am not feeling in control. New tasks, new routines, and all the old one too. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining (how often have you heard me say that?). I love what I do, and will slowly ease into this new place. It's all good!

Monday, August 25, 2008


I feel like I've been updating on a regular basis, but it turns out that updating on Twitter is not the same as updating here.

I'm finding Twitter to be very addictive. Attempting to sum up a moment or feeling in 160 characters (including spaces and punctuation) is a fun challenge. I highly recommend it.

I've still been checking into all my regulars. Never fear. I've grown awfully fond of you all too. So if you're on Twitter let me know. If you're not ... check it out.

I promise an update soon.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm just askin' .....

Macaroni and Cheese:
- Kraft Dinner?
- Homemade?
- with our without ketchup?
- I don't DO Mac and Cheese!

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches:
- with cheese slices?
- with real cheese?
- with CheezeWiz?

French Fries:
- with Ketchup?
- with Salt and Vinegar?
- just plain?
- or ONLY MacDonald's?

I've got food on the brain, and I want to know what you think?

Me? I'm a Mac and cheese girl anyway I can get it, but if its from a box its got to be Kr@ft. Grilled cheese with real cheese. French fries - mostly with ketchup on the side (depends on the fries).

What about you?

P.S. - I forgot to mention that under absolutely no circumstances will I ever, ever, ever eat Mac and cheese with ketchup. Not even if tortured would I ever succumb to such a despicable act against food. I've seen the food laws and its in small print that Mac and Cheese is not allowed to be in the same room as ketchup. EVER!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Things I've Noticed While the Husband is Out of Town

- I've only JUST gone through one roll of toilet paper (usually its one a day)
- I haven't eaten as much, and feel better for it
- The dishwasher barely has any dirty dishes in it
- The kitchen garbage is only half full, and is not ripped from trying to be overstuffed
- I can find more 'cool' spots in the bed
- The bathroom stayed cleaner
- I'm ready for work even earlier
- I go to bed even earlier
- The evenings seem so much longer
- The bed is too big
- And my day is missing something

Lord willing - one more night and that all changes back.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Have the Week Off .......

….. from my husband.

No, we haven’t had a fight or anything. I promise. If you’ve been reading me long enough you’ll have read that I took a trip back to Ontario without him in June. Now it’s his turn. He’s on a solo motorcycle trip to anywhere he pleases within a week. He left yesterday (9am ferry) and made his way to Kelowna, B.C. Today (Tuesday) his plans are to travel from Kelowna on down through Idaho with hopes of making it to Northern Montana.

I plan to enjoy having the house to myself – for the first time in our almost six years of marriage. I’ve traveled on weekends and such without him, but this is the first time he’s taken time away by himself. I’m tremendously supportive of this as I believe he needed to do it.

And to be honest – I really really really want our big queen size bed all to myself!

That said – I didn’t do that well with it last night. You’d have thought that since I’d never had to share a bed until I got married, that my visceral reaction would be to slunk down in and enjoy the space. But NOOOOO… I woke up all sore and out of whack. I think I must have over extended my sprawl and sprained myself. It was very hard to get up this morning.

I have only 5 more nights with which to luxuriate in the pleasure and then it will be back to sharing the bed – me: 1/3, him: 2/3, and the cats any remain spot they can find. Which translates to me desperately clinging to the side, one cat on top of my pillow, one cat between hubby’s feet, and hubby peacefully sprawled out and snoring.

Tonight!!! I’m gonna sleep good!!! Dern It!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No Tweety Bird, Just a Twit

Ok, do any of you use "Twitter"? Can you explain it too me?

On a side note: Boy grunge band is at it again tonight. They're louder than the TV in my livingroom. I'm contemplating drinking for a living.

Post-Script - The boy band had a little visit from boys in blue shortly after my posting the above. Actually it was a lovely lady cop. Someone (not me) in the neighbourhood called it in, and the lady cop was in total agreement that the allowable levels had been vastly exceeded. They've been given a warning, and if it happens again there will be an accompanying fine of $100. Supposedly the reason for their nightly jamming is a gig this weekend. No one can argue that they really do need the practice - especially the lead vocals. He was doing an excellent rendition of the demons from hell bursting forth from the belly of the earth.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Quiet Summers Eve - NOT!

I am all for encouraging kids to be creative and active. I'm all for supporting kids tof find their talents. I must admit I'm not always appreciative of graffiti artists, and I can be seen to physically cringe when I come across skateboarders in underground parking lots. But I do appreciate the skills and abilities that those talents have underneath their flamboyant exteriors.

I think mostly I struggle with kids that show their talents by destroying property, or create loud noises (being such a quiet person myself - no really). I enjoy watching good skateboarders when they're not using private property as props for their tricks, or when I can't hear the grinding metal against metal. I'm completely envious and would love to have that kind of balance to stay on those small board with wheels.

It's the noise. I just can't stand when someone else's noise levels disturb the greater good.

Hence, my total annoyance at the kid across the street tonight.

That fateful Christmas 4 years ago the family across the road presented their pre-teen boy with a drum kit. No lessons, as far as I can tell, were also given. Five years ago this fall we moved into this tiny house. Its a very busy 4 lane street, which turns into a race way at the best of times. So traffic noises are constant and audible, but four years ago at Christmas a new sound level was introduced - a boy, his drum kit, and now .... his grunge boy band.

I may appreciate it better if the young drummer had improved with age, unfortunately he's of the school that believes that louder IS better.

In the last year or so he added some buddies to his basement group. The electric guitarist who only knows the key of screech, and his vocalist who sounds like he's very constipated and in pain. Not to mention the beat rarely changes, and the words are far from discernible (and believe me when I tell you that it's loud enough I should know every word by heart).

This goes on day after day, weekend after weekend, evening after evening, month in and month out. And always with all the basement windows wide open.

I am often torn between my desire to encourage kids to be creative, and my yearning to go over there and give his parents a shake. Unfortunately, my survival instincts kick in and tell myself not to start trouble in the neighbourhood and let bad musicians play. They'll have enough disappointments in life.

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened ....

...... on the way home last weekend.

Our old BBQ gave out on us last week, and due to some keen financing we felt it prudent and timely to purchase a new one. We deserved it, and we’re worth it!! So after looking online and at scads of newspaper flyers we trundled off to H*me Dep*t to take a gander at their BBQ goods. We found the one we wanted. And we felt just a little like kids in the candy store who’ve found an extra buck and could buy the extra big bag of candy. We did a serious upgrade from our previous BBQ. But again – we convinced ourselves that we deserved it, and it wasn’t break the bank by any means.

Hubby carefully measured the box that we thought the BBQ was from (one on the shelf) and went outside to make sure we could fit the box into the trunk of our car.

He came back in and felt we could do it without too much trouble. And we wheeled the largish box with our brand new BBQ on a dolly out to the car.

The darn box was NOT going to fit. Hubby had measure the wrong box to begin with. What were we going to do?

A number of ideas were bounced around, and I won’t bore you with the details, but I will share with you the end result. Even now I stand in amaze at the end result, and am still wondering how the heck it happened.

How did we (read “I”) get that new BBQ home? Well …. You may ask …. I pushed it.

Yes – you read that correctly – I pushed it the mile back to our house using the H*me Dep*t dolly.

I still don’t know how it happened, but my hubby talked ME into being the one to push it home. Could HE have pushed it home? Why, of course he could have. Could I have driven the car home while he pushed the dolly? Why, yes he could have. Did his name come up at all during his brilliant idea of how to get the box home? Strangely – no – it did not.

My walk/push home gave me lots of time to consider what exactly had gone down. It was also a good time to reflect on how I was going to let loose my …. volcano of emotion. Did I mention that a large portion of this mile was a slow, but steady up hill grade?

I was in a fine state when I exhaustedly arrived on our driveway. But I did get it home and with limited happenstance. And I even got home before the hubby, mostly because he stopped at another store to purchase a new man size toy he had his eye on. If it hadn’t been for the fact that he rushed into our kitchen and opened up a beer for me – I may very well have been a widow today.

The BBQ is all built and established on our back. We have already enjoyed a number of delicious meals. But I will never forget the fateful Saturday my metal was tested! (and neither will I let hubby forget either)