Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Step Towards Adulthood

We did it! We finally agreed upon, and paid for new living room furniture!!

Last weekend (on our third trip to the same store) we sat down on a couch and love seat set and said - at the same time - "hey! What do you think about this one?" with identical enthusiasm and pleasure. Our butts felt at home. This truly was a mind blowing experience. We rarely agree on anything.

Mind you it did take three weekends, and over 11 furniture stores, and countless pieces of furniture.

This rates right up there with purchasing a new car last January. I feel so mature.

In my 47 years on this earth I have never purchased new furniture. I've always gleefully accepted other peoples cast-offs in order to level up in a bargain basement lifestyle. I feel more grown up now.

Now the bigger question remains - what do we do with the stuff we're getting rid of? They have come to their last living room, and its time to retire them to the great living room furniture pasture in the sky (or dump, whichever comes first).

Included in the new couch and love seat purchase is also a leather recliner. A "must have" or so my husband told me. My new fervent prayer will be to make it all fit into our little rental house living room. I hope I'm not around when its all delivered later this week. Oh Please Lord - let it be delivered this week.


Good Timing said...

Do we get pics? Glad your butts are both at home. :P

dlc said...

re : "what do we do with the stuff we're getting rid of?" one word ... CURB. it is Gordon Hood after all!

Carolyn said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see photos of your new furniture.