Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Dream Interpreter Needed

I've been having a recurring dream lately.

I'm visiting someone and at some point need to use the bathroom. Generally I find the toilet in less than private surroundings (large rooms and often with a line up or other other people milling about). What concerns me the most is ... while I'm using it, the dang privy comes off its base and can't be reattached. Spillage occurs (of course) all over the place. I quickly notice/assume that I'm not the first recipient of this foul treatment, and don't know what to do about it.

To top it all off - I DO NOT go about seeking my host or hostess to inform them of this mishap. In fact I slink away in hopes that the next person will break the news.

So ... what do you brilliant peeps think of all this? Or should I really ask.


Anonymous said...

... oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man !!!

... this could really be something LJ.

... not the dream, but the comments.

... i'd like to ask for 1st prize right here, and right now for NOT yet interpreting your dream.

... i'm exercising major discretion!


Anonymous said...

... ok, I can't stand it. i'll put in my $0.02 worth, for what it is worth.

... i think a counselor/interpreter would say "obviously LJ, you've been responsible for other people's 'crap' (not literally, but figuratively) for too long, and it has all gotten too much and the loo has become unhinged. however, if you think you can slink away without being noticed, you've got another thing coming. that's what forensics are for, and they'll track you down big time. not sure about the privacy aspect yet. the gov't will surely have something to say via PIPA (Personal Privacy and Information Act). Helpful? Hope so!

The Bumbles said...

I have dreams similar to that - usually in the morning between when Andy leaves for work and when my alarm goes off a while later - when I'm in that half awake zone, worried about running late. So I invariably find myself trying desperately to take a shower, or leave my house, or trying forever to find a bathroom in a public area that isn't occupied or disgusting! So next time I have such a dream, you'll probably appear in it, skulking away in the sidelines from an overflowing toilet ;0)