Monday, November 9, 2009

Choosing the hill on which to Die

My husband and I have been married for 7 years. And coming into that marriage was an amalgamation of mismatched, so early goodwill that even Moses would have rejected it furniture. Seven years later – we still own and use the same stuff.

A couple of years ago we found a stray bolt on the floor, but couldn’t find where it came from. Fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago – the husband was leaning back in our hasn’t-seen-new-since-the-dawn-of-man, comfy, swivel rocker when SNAP! And he falls back hard against the wall.

It was bound to happen, but that long forgotten, discarded screw had been holding half the base of our chair in place. Without it’s solid grasp it left its companion screw holding the bag, and the bag could not longer take the pressure. We snapped the metal base in half – never to be repaired.

What would be the sense of replacing the one chair when the entire room could use the make-over. We began to realize that we – as a couple – had never purchased furniture together. This was going to be a true test of our relationship.

We’ve now spent the last two weekends locating and visiting furniture stores. And unless there are model trains involved, my husband has no patience for such things. I thought we could ease into the experience with lunch first then making it into the doors of the first stop (of many), but this only managed to prolong the coming pain.

Its funny - you live with a person long enough you ‘think’ you understand their tastes. I found out very quickly that what I thought my hubby liked and disliked – was not as first assumed. In fact, I was often shocked at his tastes (sometimes good, sometimes … meh), but I’m learning. I’m also learning to say “definitely NOT! In my house!” I’ve had to put my foot down when it came to the theater style couch with cup holders between each seat. He cannot see my logic, and I refuse to see his.

Never-the-less our search continues. We know we need to make a decision, and it must not linger like an extra stuck bandaid. I am determined to be sitting on new living room furniture by Christmas, if not sooner.