Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Responses and British Wit

First off – a big “Holla” to the lovely folks who left me comments after my last post. You made my days sparkle a little brighter.

That said – only one of them dared to ask me a question. Thanks The Bumbles for taking me up on it. The question asked is:
“Do you appreciate Monty Python?

I hope this doesn’t diminish me in your eyes, but I adore British humour. I think it started when I was a kid and my mom watched “On the Buses”, and “Doctor In the House”. Then when I got a little older I discovered “To The Manor Born”, “Jeeves & Wooster”, and then my favourite of all favourites (in the 80’s) the “Blackadder” series and tied closely with “Red Dwarf”. I daren’t leave out the short lived series “Faulty Towers”.

Intermingled through the 70’s was “Monty Python”. And by that I mean paying good money to see their movies at the theaters. My warped and sarcastic humour found a home. The “Dead Parrot ” sketch, “Ministry of Silly Walks”, “The Lumberjack Song” to name a few that I can almost repeat verbatim.

However, my sense of haha line has its limits. I don’t enjoy “Mr. Bean” – although if you catch me on an off day – I can be seen laughing at the episode of him in a church service trying to stay unnoticed while unwrapping a mint or lozenge. That one kills me, but mostly because of personal experience.

So – do you still have any respect for me? Do you want me to destroy your phone number and promise never to call you again? Or … in hope against all hope I have wiggled myself further into your furry little hearts. Please say yes.

The Bumbles - The Lovely Bones was an interesting book. I gave a huge sigh at the end at the picture of the icicles. But it sure does make you look at your neighbour twice. And yes - I do believe we can blame all of this on Cardio Girl. She's a good catalyst, isn't she?

Poolie - I'm pretty sure I found you while I was still living on Diaryland, but I'm not at all sure how our paths ended up converging. I'm glad it did though.


Anonymous said...

*ahem* I asked you a question, my dear. I asked how you found my journal or how I found yours. Do you remember?

The Bumbles said...

I just KNEW I could count on you :0) People who don't laugh at Monty Python to me is like...trying to explain a Far Side comic to someone who didn't laugh right off. It just isn't enjoyable unless you got it on your own. Glad to know we can howl at Monty together.

P.S. When we went to see Spamalot I bought a T-Shirt that says "I'm Not Dead Yet" and like to wear it as a nightshirt. If for some reason I were to die in my sleep, perhaps the person who finds me would appreciate the irony.

Rhia♥ said...

hi, you dont know me, but Im 19 and im from england and i just adoreeeeeee blackadder fawlty towers etc etc etc and i deffo love that you had a blog dedicated to english humour :)

my mom and dad bought me up on these shows, ahhh cracks me up everytime :D
I also love just like any other kid from my day Mr Bean, the cheeky legend ♥

so yeah i love you blog basically
sorry for the randomness :)
Rhia♥ xo

Julie said...

Hi, I'd like to introduce myself as the Queen of Blunders. There could be a movie about it. But in my spare time I am an artist with a blog-juliesjabber-julie.blogspot.com. It would be very fun to follow your blog but it doesn't look like you've enabled that. Wish you would!