Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little Froggy Springtime

Spring is in the air, and cherry blossoms are in bloom.
My felting is even amazing me.

I love Victoria at this time of the year.
I truly thank God for such a beautiful place to live, and the 14 Gold medals Canada won at the Olympics doesn't hurt either.

I make no apologies for my gloating. We all need things to be proud of.


Purple Cow said...

Gloat away! I agree with you...we all need things to be proud of! Enjoy Spring. Cute frog!

cardiogirl said...

Now that is spectacular, if I do say so myself.

LOVE the tongue catching a fly!

Purple Cow said...

Hello LJ! I pressed the NEXT BLOG button and - hey presto! There you were... I added you to blogs I follow cause I scan read and enjoyed some of your views and of course your felt and heartfelt creations. Like you I'm "just trying to make my way through this world in one piece"...

Thanks for stopping by my blog also. Take care!