Monday, June 4, 2007

Blessed Silly

I’m (almost) embarrassed to admit this, but .... I’m feeling incredibly spoiled. I say 'almost' because obviously I'm not embarrassed enough not to write about it. Anyway, I digress.

1) We had F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C weather this weekend. The sun shone bright and hot to a high of 27 degrees Celsius (or mid 80’s F) . Such a welcome change from cold and overcast.

2) We (hubby and me) spent the remainder of the “fun” money I set aside from my mom’s estate. (It wasn’t much to begin with, but we invested most of it, with a little “fun” money left over). I’ve hunted, and hunted, and hunted, but never made it to the stores on time for a specific item. Until a casual visit to a games store to look for something else completely different yielded my treasure – A Nintendo Wii Game Console. Virtually unobtainable in Canada., they fly off the shelves faster than they can get them in.

I suppose that out of all of my points stated today, this particular ‘point’ has me feeling the most spoiled and embarrassed. It seems like such a frivolous purchase, but it bring so much laughter and silliness into our home – how can that be wrong. It just goes to show me that sometimes I need to think along the “less practical” side, let my hair down and have a little fun. A little ‘Wii’ fun. LOL!

My 3) and final point is that I am 99.9% sure we’re adopting another cat. I will be meeting “Daisy” tomorrow after work, and I’m terribly excited. In my adult life I have always been a two cat household, and for the first year we were married we had three cats. Just a few days short of our 1st anniversary my dear sweet Genny passed away to kitty heaven and the ripe old age of 20. One year, to the day, after that Molson (hubby’s feline) passed away at the age of 21 or 22. These to monoliths of age left a void in our lives that I sorely missed. Left behind was my/our cat Digit, and I’ve had her for over 6 years now. That's her in the picture.

Ever since we had to put Molson down I’ve wanted to get another cat. Not to replace Molson (nothing can do that), but as a companion for Digit. She’s always had another cat around, but hubby wouldn’t even talk about it. He’s never truly stopped grieving Molson, and couldn’t fathom loving another cat.

Well, Molson has been gone for two and a half years now, and recently I’ve been feeling like Digit has been lonely. So I started to some casual looking at our local SPCA website. Heart wrenching!!! Absolutely heart wrenching. I want to adopt every last single of one of them. But at over $100 a pop – that’s not in my wallet, AND my house isn’t big enough!

But this got me to thinking about “other” local adoption agencies, which got me to thinking about classified, which reminded me about a local website call usedVictoria. A classified style website much like Craigslist. Sure enough as I scanned the “pets” sections I found a few cats “free to a good home”.

I thought to myself … “I have a good home”, and “I can afford free”, and promptly sent Daisy’s profile and picture off to my husband with a pleading cry of “please” e-mail signed by Digit. I specifically chose Daisy because she is a short-haired version of Molson. I was willing to try anything to get this show on the road.

After a couple of days he was excited too, and I hope that we become a multiple cat household again as of 4:30 tomorrow night.

I’m so terribly excited, and feel terribly terribly blessed. My inner child is getting fed all over the place.


Christine said...

You lucky girl.That is so cool you got a Wii! I am so jealous. I know my boys would love it.

I'm a real cat lover too. My husband even says I might be half cat. I'm so excited, that you're able to adopt another kitty. We have three too. All brothers and sisters. I know Daisy will fit right in with your family!

Leon said...

Awww, a puddy tat. :) I hope you and the feline get along.