Thursday, June 14, 2007

Making a Daisy chain would be easier

It serves me right. What did I expect by getting something from a website called “UsedVictoria”?

A free lunch is never really free.

A free cat never comes without a price.

I have never had as much problem integrating a new cat into my home until Daisy. Oh, she’s putting on weight, and becoming more accustomed to us and so-so with Digit, although she won’t come out of her room. She’s very good, albeit too good with using the litter (the garbage man is going to charge us extra for going over the weight limit), but for the last three nights …. she’s peed on the bed. NOT on the blanket that she has chosen for herself, but on any portion not covered by said blanket, and only once per night. Otherwise she’s very good at using her litter.

I have no idea what’s up with her. I’m very tired and just want to throttle her. No need to worry – I won’t do her harm. But I don’t know how to get ahead of this.

I’ve integrated 3 or 4 cats in my 20+ years as a pet owning adult, and never have I second-guessed myself so much. I’m afraid of taking her to our vet because: 1) she’s only just beginning to stop hissing and hiding, and 2) it’s going to cost big $$’s.

What’s a cat lovin’ person to do? Any suggestions?

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Poolie said...

Sounds like a urinary tract infection to me. Just a guess.