Monday, August 31, 2009

Darn & Blast - Update

Inquiring minds want to know ....

We are a Wii family, and I had found Rock Band 2 Special Edition on sale for $99.

On Sunday I brought the story up with the hubster to see if I should continue my hunt for this game. I tend NOT to like playing any games that require you to keep a beat, and because hubby likes to play air guitar I thought this might be the answer to an anniversary gift.

As it turns out - he was so-so in his response to my find and what had occurred. I have since found the game locally (ToysRUs) for the same sale price, but given his lack-luster response - I'm not sure what to do. I suspect I will leave sleeping dogs lie and try to find something else.

I'm back to square one.

On a side note: Today I'm in an odd mood. Today is the 3rd anniversary of my mother's passing. We weren't terribly close, but she was my mom. On the other hand - I'm missing the memorial service of a friend who lost his battle to cancer last week. I seriously don't know how to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed today. And that's just the way it is.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your crazy times right now. I love your new template.

cardiogirl said...

Thanks for clearing up my nosy inquiry. For some reason I was tickled to read that you found the same thing at Toys R Us.

I'm sorry to hear about the malaise that's plaguing you. I'm sending comforting/healing vibes your way.