Thursday, August 6, 2009

Night Vision

In juxtaposition to last week - I can't get warm this week. My fingers are like little icicles. Thank heavens when it comes to typing they have deeply ingrained memory and automatically reach for the needed keys.

I only wish that 'deeply ingrained memory' reached out into the late hours of the night, once the lights are off and the eye lids closed. It's at that precious time of day when my brain does the best writing, only without the cohesiveness to write down said brilliance for blogdom on tangible paper with tangible pen. Alas, these thoughts are lost to me come the light of day.

Seriously folks, I come up with the best prose when I'm least able to attend to them. Last night while I was trying to calm the brain and fall asleep I was mentally writing a future blog entry about my lesser spoken of cat "Digit". The composition was coming together for me in a way that it never does during the light of day, and I was not about to turn on the light to jot down ideas that would make no sense to me in the morning. I even said as much to my inner self as I lay there.

I do that alot, have conversations with my inner self, and sometimes the words reach to my out ears - and anyone withing hearing range. Not always a good move.

I digress .....

I think I may have to invest in a little recording device, so that I can just reach over to my bedside table, click the "on" button and blather away my thoughts, aspirations, and grocery lists. Who knows? I could become the next great Canadian Poet laureate!

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The Bumbles said...

Ah - LJ - I suffer from the exact same poorly timed creative inspiration. While I'm having all these great ideas trying to fall asleep I tell myself to remember this stuff when I brush my teeth tomorrow - or to remember that bit when I am packing my lunch, etc. Don't you know that sometimes it actually works? I'll be half awake brushing my teeth and all of a sudden a flurry of post topics comes to mind. I quickly jot them down on the pad of paper I keep under my bathroom sink ;0)