Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Return to ..... Normal?

Balance has been restored to the universe - the heat wave has broken (temperature is around 19C / 66F) and I've returned to work after 10 days off.

Against my better judgment I got out of bed this morning. Let me tell you - it was difficult. I didn't sleep well last night. I woke up several times in fact. Between one of our cats wanting to cuddle (kneading with claws, and wet nose to my neck), and the husband less than gentle breathing - I kept waking up. And each time I woke up I kept thinking about having to come back to work today.

No, it wasn't a fun night at all. Tonight will be different. A guarantee (and a sleeping pill) I can assure you.

My 10 days off were lovely actually. Heat wave aside - it was a nice time to be off. I was able to get away for a couple of days - a change is almost always as good as a rest. And when I returned home I got to pretend camp and sleep on our back deck. The only thing missing was a camp fire. But with an all open fire ban on, I settled for bringing a lamp outside to read by. Lovely, simply lovely. The raccoons didn't even give me a double look.

I tried to get creative during the day to find ways to stay cool, but not spend money (or at least as little as possible). My first plan of action was to take the bus to the mall. But darned if most of the stores in that mall don't have sales on!! I generally can't pass up on a "Sale". Thankfully, I found nothing on sale that was worth my time. I did, however, purchase a new Wii Game (Wii Resort).... I was on holiday's. I had to live a little! Didn't I?

So I am sorry to report I have no wild stories to thrill and entertain you by. Maybe now that I'm back to work strangers will pass my way and I shall share those experiences with you.

Until then ..... keep blogging little ones.

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Good Timing said...

Glad you enjoyed your ten days off! And also glad the heat wave has subsided. That was a little toasty, even for me! :)