Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Everyone Needs A Little Bit Of Romance

Have you ever wanted to fall into a book that you were reading? Have you ever been so deeply engrossed with the story that you wanted to dive in a meet and interact with the characters? Have you ever wanted to switch places with the heroine so that you could have the hero all to yourself?

This last question probably only holds true for the female readers.

I used to (in high school) love reading Regency Romances. Novels by Barbara Cartland or Georgette Heyer, light hearted innocent love stories set in the Georgian or Regency period of England. Georgette Heyer fashioned her novels after that of Jane Austen's.

I must admit I have never read and of the works of Jane Austen or even the Bronte sisters, but I absolutely adore any movies that are produced now. Dare I say - I own "Pride and Prejudice" with Kiera Knightly, and have watched it a number of cold rainy afternoons - just to warmed the cockles-of-my-heart.

Which leads me to my entry today. Last Thursday evening I settled into our spare room to watch a little non-violet, no guns TV, when I surfed into program that caught my eye right off. At first blush it looked like a period piece movie, and the names "Darcy" and "Bingley" were being bantered about. But wait! There was a woman, who was in the right costuming, but here hair was all wrong. It was a modern straight hair style, surrounded by other women with fancy, twirly updo's.

"What gives?" I asked myself.

What gives was that I was drawn into the middle of a UK mini-series called "Lost In Austen". The story was about a women (Amanda Price) who quite literally tumbled through an unknown door and into the Bennett household in Pride and Prejudice, exchanging places with her favourite literary character "Elizabeth Bennett". Except this modern girl thrown into a less than modern world was really screwing up with the beloved story lines, and you had to find out how she corrected her follies.

At the closing of the program it flashed across the screen "To Be Continued". I was hooked, I had to find the rest of the episodes and how I could get my hands on them. It's pretty much how I spent my weekend - and successfully too.

If you are a Jane Austen fan, or even like just a little romance in your life you MUST find and watch this mini-series. It was wonderful. It is not officially on my Christmas wish list - if I can wait that long.

And don't worry - if you are a die hard Austen fan and afraid of someone mucking with the classic story - be not afraid. It has a lovely ending.

Go ..... Now ..... Run .... find it and watch it!!

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Good Timing said...

I really thin this series must be based on the book, Confessions of a Jane Austen addict, it sounds exactly like it. And I would definitely LOVE it!