Monday, March 1, 2010

I'll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours

Nothing dirty here!!!

I dare you to send me a picture of your worst hair cut/do.

I WILL locate my worst haircut picture, and I even know which one it was.

If you are brave - send me your worst. You can even blot out your face if you need to, to keep you anonymity. I'm down with that. But I wanna see the hair!

You can email it to lj . ducharme at gmail dot com.

I'll compile all contenders and post them at the end of the week.

Come on ..... be brave!


I Own The Internet said...

My worst haircut is pretty boring, to be honest I think the worst I ever had it was when I paid less than 200 on a cut, I looked SO average. I think I made a post about this party I went to the other day and put a picture of me in there, did you see it? It's all there I hope
So anyway, thanks for the blog, let me know in my comments if you liked mine

EuGeNe said...

i have my ever worst hair for two times during my colleage time. i just want to try new thing but the outcome is not nice and myself feels not like it..

if u like my msg,u may reply to my email n i might send u my worst hair pic..

Good Timing said...

O dear I would have to go back to sixth grade and OH those bangs!!!

Wendy said...

What a cool idea! I don't know if I have any photographic evidence of bad cuts.

My middle son cut his hair a few weeks ago and I have left it, as he cut it, because he didn't want it buzzed off. He said, "It's just hair, Mom; it'll grow back." He looks like an idiot with missing front teeth and a missing wedge of hair in the middle, but if he's down with it, I'm down with it.

I Own The Internet said...

Is a bad haircut truly possible? I will put a post on my blog that aims to disprove this.

Elizabeth A. said...

I did a post on this awhile ago.

We all had the bangs. Our curling iron was caked brown with Aqua Net.

Erin said...

Oh man ... if I had a picture of it, I would send it, but I only had it for about 6 hours before I found someone to fix it.

The cut was supposed to be just a layered, normal cut, and I ended up with baby bangs and choppy stair-step layers (that woman obviously had no idea what she was doing, and this is why you should never go to a mall salon as a walk-in).

After my cousin's stylist "fixed" it as best she could, by blending the layers together, it was sort of a Beatles'-hair-meets-a-mullet (she was trying to save as much length as possible for me). I had to suck it up and have her cut the bottom layers off, so it ended up being a chin-length, layered, shaggy bob (but not in a cute way, more in an overgrown Beatles'-hair way).

I do not believe any pictures exist of any of the phases of this cut. Thank God.

Pearle said...

Hello Stranger...a person I have never met before. February 2009 I had my hair 'trimmed'. Sadly the woman who did my hair must have been intoxicated because when she was done....I was practically bald. I have fine hair to start but she took it upon herself to thin my hair and chop it all off. I have been wearing a baseball cap for over a year now when ever I leave the house. My hair has grown back finally but I am now terrified of hairdressers. My friends couldn't even pretend it wasn't as bad as I said it was....they'd say: take off the hat, let me see. and then laughter would explode...not in a mean way but in an OH MY GOD way. No pictures but a year of wearing a hat. This was good letting this go... Pearle Northrop

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