Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Carrot Cake for everyone!

Well, I don't know how it happened, but I woke up this morning and added a notch to my age. Yes, folks - 48 years ago this morning my parents welcomed this little bundle of joy in their existing family of Ma, Pa & two teenage boys.

The funny part is that I don't really think of myself as 'that' age. I probably would peg myself somewhere in the mid-thirty's. But not in a delusional way. In a good way. I was 8 when my mom was 48 and she seemed so old. Mind you - she was pretty exhausted raising me. I don't think she ever got over getting pregnant at 39 and with teen boys at home. This is where I can safely say that my mom lived firmly in the land of "denial". But that's another story.

When my mom was 48, and I was turned 8 it was 1970. In 1970 ....

Men wore pants that went VERY high, and were large in the leg.

My mother made most of my close, generally in polyester and in oranges and browns.

Platform shoes and disco were beginning their rise to fame.
(keep in mind I wasn't born in 1970, but a merely reflecting on my mothers life when she was my age now.)

I share my birthday with these folks: Flavor Flav, Erik Estrada, Susan E. Isaacs, Lauren Graham, Jerry Lewis, Henny Youngman - to name a few.

I have in fact had a wonderful day at work. I've barely got a lick of work done. I've been sung the Happy Birthday song twice, and a co-worker baked my favourite "Carrot Cake" with cream cheese icing. I don't think I've been treated quite this royally for a long long time. And it feels good, and I feel loved.

It's all good my blogger friends! It's all good!


Susan Isaacs said...

Oh my gosh I think my mom made me that dress too. that pattern. HAPPY 3/16/62!!!

Poolie said...

Happiest of birthdays, sweetie!

Lin said...

Happy Birtday, LJ!!! You just never age, girl! (did that help?) :)

I'm a year behind you, so I get the platform shoes and bell-bottom pants. I also got go-go boots and hot pants too. Sigh. I miss my little legs of so very long ago.

As for your mom getting pregnant with two teens at home--god bless her!! She actually found some alone time with Dad???! Lucky gal. :)

Becky said...

Happy happy happy birthday! How funny -- I came along well after my sibs, and my mom was 38 when she had me. Similar story.

I do that too, think about what she was doing at my age now. Sleeping a lot from the sheer exhaustion of having one college-age daughter, three teenagers and a kindegartner in the house, I reckon!

Happiest happy happy of birthdays! xoxoox B

Purple Cow said...

Happy Birthday! I was a kid in the Seventies (born 1968 - not far behind you actually) so I remember the platforms and the style with fondness.

Well, I guess we aren't getting any young...but we are getting somewhere. Right?

Have a great time...enjoy yourself. Really would love some of that cake. Sounds yum!

Elizabeth A. said...

Happy Birthday!!

Lord have mercy, you were a cute baby. I'd spin you around and sniff your head.

I know all too well about those patterns. I spent many an hour looking at Simplicity and Butterick pattern books waiting on my mother to pick a fabric. She has huge tupperware containers full of the things.

JD at I Do Things said...

Happy birthday! Hey, I want to sniff your Baby Head too! What a cutie.

I don't feel my age either. Well, except in my back and hips. And knees. OK, I feel it on the outside. But on the inside I'm still rocking my '70s elephant pants.

ella said...

Haha I was born in 1985 so I wasn't around for the whole pant thing. :)

ella said...


Kristi said...

This post was fun looking back at the styles of the 70's. LOVE IT! I was a '71 baby. I might steal this idea for my bday in July. LOL

Hope you had a fantastic birthday!!


Pearle said...

Happy Belated Belly Button Day to you! Hope it was fantastic!

The Bumbles said...

Well I was born in 1970 and yet my mom still made all my clothes when I got older - using very similar looking patterns. I remember her pinning the paper thin patterns on gaudy fabrics - which at the time were super cool.

Happy belated birthday and remember, they beat the alternative!

cardiogirl said...

Sweep the Leg I missed your b-day. I hope it was happy which it sounds like it was.

My mom was 41 when I was born and I do the same thing -- compare my life to hers at the same age. I cannot imagine have a one-year-old baby right now, much less six kids to boot. Oy.

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