Thursday, March 4, 2010

To Afraid to Party, Eh!

You are SOOOO not a daring bunch, but that’s ok. I still love you. (do you feel guilt ridden?)

Thank you to the commenter’s from my last post for taking the time to let me know you’d read my challenge. Thanks to EuGeNe for sending a photo, unfortunately I was unable to open it. But I certainly appreciate the effort.

So – with no further fan fair I will fill this entry with a brief history of Mugwhump and hair.

As do most babies, I started out bald.

I like to think I toddled right into the realm of cute - blond and blue eyed.

Unfortunately I think all was lost by the time my first day of school rolled around (September 1967). I was quickly descending into geekdom.

By age 12 it was proven I had no fashion sense. This particular pink dress (a hand me down, and I hated it) is probably the very reason I can't stand pink to this day. Arrrrgh!!! That's my proud Mom in the background.

Continuing to live on the edge of unfortunate this picture is from my high school graduation (June 1980). My best friends mom decided to help me with a home perm the day before this picture was taken. It burned my hair to a frizzy crisp. This picture (thankfully) doesn't show the full extent of damage done. I had managed to straighten it a little, but I swore off of home perms for the rest of my life.

Unless you lived the 80's you may not recall that 'big hair' was in. I - the ever unaware fashionista - followed suit - big hair - big shoulder pads.

I like to think I've learned a thing or two over the last 48 years of living on this earth. Mostly - that if you can't laugh at yourself - you can't laugh with your heart. And believe me - these pictures give me much to laugh at.

So once you've picked yourselves up off the floor let me know that you're laughing with me, not at me. :-)


Shanel said...

I haven't begun to laugh at my old pics yet... I can barely look at them...but one day I will... and I certainly enjoyed looking at yours:0D

Lola said...

Aww! You did so toddle right into the realm of cute. Sadly, anything beyond that baby picture on my blog yesterday is missing. I lost an entire photo album the last time I moved.

Great post!

The Bumbles said...

I love the way you rocked that big super curl of your bangs in the '80's picture. Says a lot about your personality.

Why do moms always pick the most horrific photos to display on their shelves, walls, pianos, nightstands? There isn't a singular attractive one of this Bumble in her house. Not to mention that she gave me a home perm days before my prom. I looked like a fried poodle. I have never let her touch or comment on my hair since.

Purple Cow said...

I remember the BIG HAIR and SHOULDERPADS days...hahaha What a joke! I love your pictures...Lucky for me I was never really brave enough to try the latest hair fashions (perms, strange cuts, streaks etc)...I have pictures of myself with friends with all sorts of hair experimentations and I'm the only one that ever looks normal. Not taking risks sometimes pays off I guess.

Lin said...

Oh, you were ROCKIN' the 80's look! And who didn't have a home perm that made us look like fools??? :) Thanks for the chuckle today.

I'll have to let you know when we have another Dork-Off at the Duck and Wheel--everyone enters their dorkiest childhood photos for the contest extraordinaire! I'm sure you'd be a great contestant--not that you have dorky photos or anything......

ella said...

haha I'm only 25 so I don't remember much in the 80's, but let me tell you I rocked the 90's ugly primary color thing. Haha hopefully my twin boys will never get ahold of my old pics. : )

brett said...

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Carolyn said...

I think you look awesome in every one of the photos! I do love the one of you in the pink dress. I have a similar one somewhere of me in a yellow dress like that. (shudder.)

ella said...

haha thanks for commenting on my blog! And about being a mommy and a teacher; lots and lots of hard work and a loving husband that supports me. :)

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