Thursday, March 18, 2010

Serves Me Right!

Thank you to all that sent greetings for my birthday. My blog-smithing cyber heart is overwhelmed with the love! And to quote Sally Fields “You like me, you really like me!”

I did in fact have a lovely birthday, lovelier than I’ve had in years. I felt cared for and loved. Which is always a good thing.

Since Tuesday my Technicolor dreaming life has stepped it up a notch. May there’s too much sugar in my birthday diet.

Two nights ago I dreamt that I was returning from some event and on the spur of the moment I decided that I’d hope the ferry and do a surprise visit on a girlfriend who lives on one of the smaller islands.

Whatever event I’d just been too caused me to have luggage, so I thought I would just pop home – switch out clothes and be gone. But once I got to my house, which just happened to be in the dead center the ferry terminal parking lot, and I could see on the giant clock over the terminal depot that my ferry was leaving in 15 minutes. I had to hustle.

Something made me think to pick up my banana phone (yes, you heard me right. My phone was a banana and the top inch flipped open to be able to dial and put against your ear) and let my friend know I was coming. When she answered she was very gruff with me and immediately told me that she was in a lot of pain because “didn’t I know she’d had an accident?!? And was in no shape to have company??!!??”

We proceeded to have a very frightful verbal fight on the phone, and in the middle of one of her tirades I just hung up my banana phone on her. SLAM!! Or more apt SNAP!! I couldn’t believe she’d spoken to me like that. We’ve been friends for many years and have never spoken like that to one another.

Some other stuff happened in the dream, which I don’t remember, but then in the end I called her back, apologized and we made friends again.

I woke up feeling fine.

That was one weird dream, but then last night ……

I dreamt I was with friends having a picnic outside of an old abandoned mansion. A little girl with us kept wandering off and going into the old house. I went in looking for her and came across a good-looking young man who was the curator of the house and was giving tours. He was explaining the significance of different architecture and items in the old house.

He eventually led us downstairs into the basement garage where there was a moving conveyor belt of antique cars and carriages. There were even a few horses down there for effect. Walking further into the bowls of the basement it turns out that the curator was in fact a vampire and he had the hots for my neck.

Which would normally be a good thing, but not when sharp teeth are involved.

After getting the goods from me, but not before I also turned into a vampire a couple of young women came into the basement. They were jealous of his attentions to me and simply (squeamish need not read) slit my throat. Don't worry, I didn't feel a thing, although I was a little disgusted at how dirty I was.

Everyone knows that when a vampire wants to turn someone into a fellow vampire they don’t suck you dry (so to speak). So what little blood I had left was now spilling out of the gaping hole in my neck – and I died. Only I didn’t know I died because I kept walking around.

Once I realized I was dead and had tuned into a ghost I went in search for a place that I could haunt for the rest of my ….. life …. eternity …. Whatever it is that follows these events.

And I woke up.

I have absolutely no idea where dream number one came out of. I’m all good with my girlfriend, so there isn’t any angst to work there. But dream number two and cute vampire – that comes straight of the pages of “Twilight” which I’m reading at the moment. This is not a book I would normally read, but a co-worker was adamant that I give it a try.

See what being nice does for you – you read books that give you weird dreams!


Good Timing said...

Of course we love you!! :) Glad you had such a great day!

Purple Cow said...

Did he look like Robert Pattinson?

LJ said...

Purple: He did not look like Robert Pattinson. And although Robert is good looking - he's not my style. I tend toward dark hair, dark looks.

Lin said...

What were you eating before these dreams???! Yikes. And how my dreams aren't so vivid??

Elizabeth A. said...

Let me know about the books. I'd like to hear someone's perspective who wouldn't have read them otherwise, aka me.

I had a vampire dream that other night...with Mickey Rourke and Eminem. How weird is that?

I'm very glad you had a nice birthday.

LJ said...

Lin: Believe it or not I often have dreams like these. But Oh-My-Lanta do they get strange(r) if I eat cheese late at night!!!

Elizabeth: Twilight is not a book nor a movie I ever wanted to take part in. My co-worker was very persuasive, and I've been a ravenous reader these days so I figured - what the heck. I must say that I REALLY enjoyed the book. It even surprised me. Definitely teen literature, but all the characters are well written. I finished the book last night. I'm already on the hunt for book 2 AND I think I'll rent the movie tonight. I truly was surprised at how much I ended up liking it.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, I didn't know it was your birthday but Happy Birthday!

I used to take Effexor and it would cause me to have some very vivid dreams. I didn't really like that side effect.

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