Friday, August 3, 2007

Paper cuts hurt less

I believe I'm turning into a human pin-cushion.

For some reason our new kitten 'Pirate' has taken a particular liking to my right leg - top to bottom many tiny little paper-cut style wounds decorate my body parts. My hands are both equally dinged. And for some unknown, uncatagorical reason my nose is of immense interest to him, yet he has been extremely gentle with this apendage (if I can call it that).

Digit is still very jealous, and I think so is my husband, although he'd never admit to it. Pirate seems to have taken to me big time. Which is not really wanted to happen, but am not disappointed either. How can you resist a kitten that follows you EVERYWHERE!!

I had hoped that Pirate could be more of Hubby's cat, since Digit is mine.

Oh well .... deal with it!

It's going to be a lovely long weekend and I'm very much looking forward to it. We have no big plans, and thats perfectly fine too. Although - I am on the hunt for a dress to wear to a wedding in two weeks, and my nieces in October. I'd like to find something that I can wear to both, but we are talking two very different climates. We'll see.

Later Gang and have a very blessed long weekend (if you have one)

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Leon said...

Kitty cat scratches are wicked... but it is hard to get angry at something so cute.