Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pirate is A Star!

I can't believe how quickly time has flown by since I last posted. I merely blinked!

But on a cool note - if any of you have ever looked over my blogroll you may or may not have noticed a link I have to a site called Cute With Chris. This is a quirky little site that I enjoy visiting because "Chris" has a great sense of humour, is Canadian (living in the states working on being in TV or movies), and posts cute pictures of kittens and puppies. So, on a lark I sent in a picture of Pirate for a weekly posting of Chris' "Cutedown". Please go check it out, and vote for my boy Pirate!!

I'll write more soon, but at the moment I've off to the dentist chair and that seems like a lovely respite from the Vacation Bible School running at this moment here at the church!


1 comment:

linds said...

That looks like a fun website! I will vote for Pirate for sure. :) just wanted to let you know I have locked up and will send you the password if you are interested. Have fun at the dentist!