Sunday, August 12, 2007

Never boil hot dogs??

My husband tells me that you should never boil hot dogs.

Which is not to say that you shouldn't have boiled hot dogs, just that you should not cook your hot dogs 'in' boiling water. His mom tells me that you are supposed boil up your water, then pop in the dogs and turn the burner off, and let them sit to cook.

I've always brought the water to boil, popped the dogs and and let them cook in the 'boiling' water. Mom-in-law says that,s bad!

Have any of you ever heard such a thing? I've never.

What say you? How do you cook your hot dogs (veggie or meat)?


Jungle Pop said...

I've never heard that.

My favorite way to eat hot dogs? Raw, typewriter-style. Eat off all the skin, then eat the dog.

I'm not dead yet, so it must be okay!

LJ Ducharme said...

Nice picture JP. I used to eat raw dogs when I was a kid, but the thought of it now is not so appealing. I'd like to understand why you call it "typewriter-style'. What does that have to do with eating the skin first?

Pilot Mom said...

I imagine he eats them like corn on the cob...left to right?

I can understand your MIL's thoughts. More like steaming them than actually boiling. However, I cannot stand to even look at a boiled hotdog much less let my mouth touch one! I prefer my all beef hotdogs broiled under the broiler or done on the grill. I like the crusty charred edges that it gets. Yummm! :D

Carolyn said...

I've never heard of cooking a hot dog that way either. We have a hot dog grill (my husband is a hot dog maniac) like the ones in convenience stores, only smaller. We either use that or microwave them.

Christine said...

I put mine in the microwave or in my spaghetti sometimes (for the kids, they love it).

Let me ask Nana, she boils her hot dogs, I'm not sure if it's before they boil, or after!

My husband loves his grilled, but not the kids.

I like mine with plenty of mustard and saurkraut.

About going back to school, we always went back after Labor Day Weekend, the first weekend in September too. In AZ, because Summer starts the middle of May, the kids get out early, so they go back the middle of August.

Have a good day!

becka said...

Hi :) Finally caught up on your readings. I've made a journal over here to although only written in it once, still undecided if I'm leaving dland or not. I boil my hotdogs too by the way ;o)Hope you are well and happy.xo

Poolagirl said...

I roast them over the open flame of my gas stove - skewered on a coat hanger. And they I sing folk songs. You think I'm kidding, don't you?

Poolagirlagain said...

I meant to say THEN I sing folk songs.

linds said...

HAHA - who doesn't love a convo about hotdogs?? :P I personally like mine on the bbq! We just made turkey dogs the other week and they were very good! How is the new kitty? I hope you are enjoying the last legs of summer!

craige said...

My husband grew up with his dad cooking dogs for him on the stove, so we do it his way, although nowadays we eat only veg dogs. His dad's method is to put an inch or two of water in a pan, add a bunch of kraut and then add the dogs. Actually, I prefer to have the dogs in the middle of the kraut. Put on the lid and boil until hot. Seems to work pretty well. Why are you not supposed to boil them?