Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Island hopping, Cloths shopping, Dog popping

I had a brilliant weekend away on Pender Island visiting my girlfriend. J lost her mother to bone cancer in May (after only being diagnosed in February) so we cried together, laughed together, grieved together, had a general over all wonderful weekend. I actually felt a little rested and more relaxed when I got back. We never made it to the “Fall Fair”, but that was perfectly fine. Instead we did a little browsing in the few shops that Pender has. One of those places is amongst my favourites – the “Nu-to-Yu” – a second hand store. AND it was our lucky day - $5.00 for a bag of cloths. We shared the bag and I came away with a new blouse, blazer, Capri pants, and a possible dress to wear to my nieces wedding in October.

One of the other stops we made was at this WONDERFUL bead studio. We spent over an hour going over the beads and possibilities. Awesome!!! This little studio is way out in no-mans-land, and if you didn’t know it was there you’d never find it. The woman that runs it only has it because its her hobby. She certainly doesn’t make much, if any, money on her sales. I picked up two strings of fresh water pearls in lustrous earth tones for $10 a string, and another little stone to hang off the bottom of it. It will go beautifully with the dress I picked up too. Now I just need the time to string them all together properly. I’ve googled the instructions on how to string/tie pearls, there is a special technique involved ….. man, how do I get myself into these things?

Monday came and (for me) I knew that summer was over. Everything was moving into high gear at work. New ministries getting ready, planning for our annual ‘Open House’, end of the financial fiscal year – the fun never ends. But it’s all good, just a bit of an adjustment.

I want to take a moment and address some things that came out of my “don’t boil hot dogs” entry.

1) I don’t ‘love’ hot dogs, but I’ll eat them anyway they get cooked. Whatever is the fastest.
2) As a kid I ‘loved’ to eat them uncooked, but have since grown out of that.
3) I have absolutely no idea why my husband and his mother say “you CAN’T boil hot dogs”. I’ve asked them, and even they can’t give me a reason why other than – it’s simply not done. If they ever give me an answer – you’ll be the first to know.
4) When the husbands not looking, and we’re not BBQ’ing – I boil our hot dogs.


linds said...

I am glad to hear that you had such a nice time with your friend and that you got some good shopping and talking in! Sounds like a good deal for the bag of clothes! I hope you will have a well rested long weekend so you can head back to work ready to go, minus the vacation bible school now! All the kids will be coming to me. :P Teehee!

Becka said...

Sounds like you had a lovely, touching and fun day =)