Thursday, February 7, 2008

I'm talkin' about underwear - deal with it!

What's the deal with women's underwear? Who designs this stuff? What's the difference between a G-string and a thong, and why would you wear either one? Who deemed these comfortable? And what is their purpose in life?

These are the questions that are burning away in my brain today. Why ... you may ask? We ... I decided to pimp-up my underwear drawer. Chose new undies that would be more husband-friendly and less tarps-across-America. In essence, something a little more lacey and less cottonelle.

According to Wikipedia underwear were basically invented by men, more than probably only worn by men, and mostly for wrestling (in early Rome and Greece anyway). Women were slower to be allowed to wear such a thing as 'under garments' until the 17th century. But I digress.

I'm given to understand that today we wear underwear for 'protection' and 'cleanliness', and this brings me back to my beginning questions. What kind of 'protection' are you getting from a g-string? How clean can a g-string, or a thong keep your cloths? Can somebody please explain this all to me.

I say "Go Comando or go home!" Easy words to say when I can't even sleep in the nude.

And while I'm at it ..... regarding those panties that ARE bigger than an I-pod Nano, who decided where the 'gusset' should be? They never seem to line up with anything important. Am I missing something here?

Please - ladies - give me your feed back. I'm dieing to know that I'm not the only women out there with these questions on my mind.

Men - if you've actually read this far ..... what do you have to say about this?

P.S. I know the cartoon has nothing to do with the subject matter, but I thought it was mildly amusing given my impassioned entry.


Catie said...

Okay -- I miss you. . .I also want to talk. . .catch up and share the good gossip lip. . .let's do this soon!

linds said...

HAHA! This entry just cracked me up!! "tarp across America" Too funny! As for underwear for me I wear a g string or just normal low rise panties. i like the g string because then you get no panty lines and they are pretty comfy once you get used to them. I suppose it is all about preference. Good for you for updating the undie drawer! Perhaps i should do that again soon. ps. Another storm with -30 weather is supposedly headed our way again. Be happy you are on the west coast my dear friend!

Maktaaq said...

I love that "tarps-across-America" thing too!

As for underwear, I joined the underwear of the month when I lived in Japan. I also joined the wine of the month club and I had my eye on the stuffed animal sewing project of the month club too.

We don't have enough xy-of-the-month clubs here unfortunately. Hopefully I'll visit Japan soon and I'll pick up a catalogue of the monthly clubs: maybe shipping fees to Canada won't be that expensive?

tiger said...