Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A small blogging world

The blogging world is a small place when you really come down to it. Personally, I've met some very cool, very wonderful people, and many of them I would consider friends that I would gladly hang out with.

So, when one of my blogging friends hurts - I hurt with them. Such is the case of my friend Rebecca G (she's on my blog roll, but locked) from Australia. I wasn't able to get into her blog starting a couple of weeks ago, but put it down to "movin' on" as often happens in our blogging world. When out of the blue her little Gmail chat bubble popped up with a "Hey LJ". I was delighted that she's dropped in, and proceeded to ask how she was doing.

As it turns out - the reason for her locked blog is that her 15 year old son was killed in a car accident on February 7th. He and a buddy were walking on the side of the road when a prescription drug filled woman 'thought' she was driving straight on the road, was trying to miss a pole, and mowed down the boy and he friend (according to her testimony to the media). Their bodies were thrown some 70 meters (229 feet or 76 yards) from the point of impact to where their bodies landed. The friend died at the scene, and Rebecca's son was on life support for three days before passing.

Needless to say Rebecca is devastated. Her pain, frustration, anger, and grieving are very evident in her writing. She is a single mom, and this is the oldest of her three sons. My heart is broken for her, and I cannot comprehend what she must be going through. A tragic tragic loss!

So if you remember in your quiet moments, could you think of Rebecca and her family at this time. I know Rebecca only from her blog, but feel very helpless in how to comfort her. All I can do is pray, and ask you to join me in that.

Huge Hugs and all my love to you Rebecca!!! God Bless.

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