Friday, February 29, 2008

Be warned - I'm ranting!

I am so thankful its Friday today. I feel like someone has beat me over with an ugly stick this week - from all sides. We all have days and weeks like this, I guess it was just my turn.

Does anyone watch "the Office"? I can't quite relate to all that goes on there, but I can relate to working with 'odd' people. I'm sure at many times I'm one of them. There is one person in particular in my office (and I've written about him before) who seems to know just how to hit all my buttons. This is also the one person who I have to share the most office hours with.

This week however, I had the misfortune pleasure of a road trip with him. I am the only person in the office that has a credit card and Costco membership for the office. And said 'him' wanted to purchase some tables. I don't have a vehicle so I had to travel with him, and not having a vehicle of my own also put me at his time scheduling. Being at his scheduling meant being away over lunch. Being away over lunch meant having to eat lunch out with him. Eating out with him means having to be in his presence while he snorffulls down his food.

"Snorfful" in this example translates to: eating with ones mouth open, smacking lips repeatedly and often.

It's bad enough when he does it in the privacy (HA!) of his cubicle, but to do it in public ..... my stomach turns. I must confess at this point that this style of eating also drives me crazy when dogs do it, but I forgive dogs because they don't know any better.

Another complaint I had from this outing was that also accompanying him and me was our hard working, sweet hearted, head custodian. However, the combination of the two of them was like eating out with teenage boys. The bawdy, childlike antic of two grown men (both older than me) was more than I could handle, yet I held my tongue.

To be fair - it doesn't matter what 'him' does, it will irk me to the core. The man just plain rubs me the wrong way - how he says 'good morning' (usually done is some Italian accent or silly voice), how I hear him talk to his wife, daughter, or dogs on the phone (usually baby talk, in a high pitched sickly cooey voice), how he stands at my reception desk and leers down my blouse top and has conversations with my breasts not my eyes, how he rushes around the office complaining that he can never get anything done because people keep interrupting him (yet he's the first one to repeatedly interrupt your work to tell you a story you've either heard him tell dozens of times before, or has no point to begin with).

I must stop here. It's Friday, I'm tired, and I'm finding it way to easy to rant. I know that I'm can't be an easy person to work with at times. (Actually I'm sure I'm a complete angelic wonder to work with - everyone tells me so!)

But I must admit .... I'm feeling better now. I've gotten off my chest the things that are laying heavy and angst ridden, and I can now move onwards and forward into my weekend. There are bigger problems in the world the fellow co-workers that bug the piss out of you.

Can I get an Amen!


Violet said...


I have one of those coworkers, as well. Probably most of us do, but that doesn't make it any more fun.

Anonymous said...

Miss you ... don't miss working with you (well, you maybe, but not THERE).

Will be in the 'hood beginning of April... hope to see you then. Maybe I can talk in baby taolk to you while I leer down your blouse. ;-) MCB

Carolyn said...

I think your man's twin works with me. I spent several months trying to find ONE redeeming quality in him, but failed. Now I just ignore him. He ignores me too. Since the day we were having a conversation and he said something completely inappropriate while leering at me. I looked at him and said "That's sexual harassment and I don't have to take it!" (You may have to borrow that line the next time your man leers at you.) The thought of having to take a road trip and have lunch with him makes me shudder!
Bless your heart, I hope you have a lovely weekend.

linds said...

Hhaha, this made me laugh. [And gave me a much needed break from report cards might I add.....] I think i work with some people like this too and they sure mark work more interesting, don't they?? :P I am glad it is the weekend now! As I am sure you are too. I am so very sorry to hear about your friend, Rebecca's son. What an awful tragedy. :(

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