Thursday, February 28, 2008

A note of correction from Rebecca G

If you haven't read my previous post, please do that before reading this one.

I received this comment on my old blog from Rebecca.

It's Becka, I couldn't leave a message in your journal for some reason. First of all thank you for the kind thoughts and prayers for my boy. I just wanted to clear up something about this woman, the boys were actually walking along a footpath not on the side of the road, the woman didn't try to miss a pole, she drove straight into a street pole/sign, then into a pile of rubbish that was out for council collection day on the footpath.. then ploughed into the boys...

We are not 100 percent sure but it seems the boys were trying to run from her car, the only way was back the way they had come as there was a 6 ft high house fence on one side of them and the road on the other, their body imprints are on the bonnet and windscreen and big dents on the top of her are from where there heads hit..the police are not sure but it is thought she was doing 80 - 90 km an hour which is between 20 and 30 km over the speed limit, the road was completely straight that she was driving on..she did not try to stop, she did not attempt to brake, there are no skid marks, she just continued driving until she ploughed into them then she drove back off the footpath and around a corner to a carpark then came back and attempted to give Jye CPR, she then bragged to others that she had given CPR, as she was being taken away in the police car she waved and smiled to the media and in court the next day she giggled and laughed and blew kisses to her husband.

She was also unlicensed. Her lawyer is trying to plead insanity, at this stage she is being charged for dangerous driving causing death, 2 charges plus driving without a license, i have heard that it is possible the charges may be changed to manslaughter..thats up to the public prosecutor..I pray to god so many times during the day that they did not actually see her coming and that if in fact they did then it was too fast for their brains to register what was happening..i hate the thought that they did see her coming and were running..this pain is just too much to bear.

Please continue to pray for Rebecca. She is a sweet, sweet woman and I feel so helpless to be of any aid to her.

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Pilot Mom said...

My ♥ breaks for Becca. It is so difficult when it happens so suddenly, out of the blue. But, God is a God of healing and restoration, even though it may not seem so right now. I will be lifting up Becca before His throne of grace. Blessings to you, my friend, LJ.