Tuesday, February 5, 2008

No turning back now

Life as I know it is soon to be over.

I went for my once-every-two-years eye exam today. The good news is I still have eyes. The bad news is I've made the leap off the aging slide and I now need "progressive power lenses", "graduated lenses", "varifocal lenses", or more commonly known as "tri-focals". I always thought this option was for the elderly, not the recently young no where near elderly folks.

Thats it. My days are numbered. The next step can only mean a walker, or worse yet - the motorized chair.

On the upside - shopping for glasses can be .... fun and funky!!

I'll post a picture when I get them.

1 comment:

Jungle Pop said...

Hey, I'm actually looking forward to that day! I already can tell that my vision is starting to go, but I haven't gotten tested to know just how far.

Enjoy it!