Saturday, March 8, 2008

All day yesterday I stared out the window and waiting for something to blog .....

Well actually I don't have a window anywhere near my desk so that would be a small fib. I did have many random thoughts with the best of intentions. Alas, nothing came to pass as an actual blog entry. And BAM! here we are at Saturday at early afternoon.

You know you're tired when .... you don't wake up until 11:45 Saturday morning. I don't know what went on this week, but both hubby and I were exhausted by the time we got to Friday night. To be fair - I have been reading a really good book and have been hard pressed to put it down at night. That said, we definitely caught up on any lost sleep this morning.

Which reminds me - - - don't forget to change your clocks tonight! It's Day Light Savings time - the time change that I hate the most. This particular time change screws me up for days. Losing an hour of sleep is a major draw back, and I spend another week of trying to adjust. Sucks!

On an up swing - next weekend is my birthday. I'm trying to talk making my husband take me to the Theatre. Just up island we have Chemainus Dinner Theatre. A very small theatre, but always well done. The play of choice at this time is a Noel Coward played called "Hay Fever" The English countryside. Spring 1925. You are cordially invited to our home for tea on the terrace, punting on the river ... and pandemonium in the drawing room. We are the Bliss family: Bohemian, modern and absolutely potty. We’ve invited some “normal” people down for the weekend, so don’t miss the hilarious results of our unconventional hospitality. Full of witty one-liners, Hay Fever promises.

Sounds like fun, eh!

Earlier I referred to a book that I'm thoroughly enjoying. That book is "The Other Boleyn Girl", by Phillipa Gregory. The movie of it is coming out shortly, and I'd really like to see it too. This is a fictitious take on real events - the story of Henry the 8th 2nd wife - Anne and her sister Mary. A very interesting glimpse of a unique time in history. King Henry the 8th was a spoiled little man - book or no book. He single handedly changed the Church in England to be under his power - all because he wanted to get a divorce. He manipulated God's word to suit his situation! Oh my Gosh!!!

I have, however, finally memorized the little rhyme that goes along with all of his wives. "Divorced .... beheaded .... died ... divorced ... beheaded ... survived.". Up until this point I always thought he'd had more than two wives beheaded. And my heart goes out to poor Queen Katherine of Aragon. She was his first wife, and the only woman of true royal blood. Oh, I could go one...

Read the book!! You'll really enjoy it!

Well, for someone who had nothing to say today I really managed to pull it together!

Have a most excellent weekend!!!


Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday! I know I'll forget to send birthday wishes next week, so maybe I can be the first this year.

Jungle Pop said...

Thanks for the heads-up on changing the clocks! Over here we don't change them at all so it's easy to forget. Yay, now for six months it's easy for me to know the exact time back home - just change the PM to AM or the AM to PM.

Pilot Mom said...

Thanks for the book title. I was going to ask for it, so was pleased to see you were already prepared to share! :) Will check it out for sure.

Pilot Mom said...

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope your day is especially blessed. Your evening sounds like a true winner! :)