Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back tracking, kinda sorta! But not really

I'd like to think that I a fairly nice person. I like to think that I'm honest, a person of integrity, and generally liked.

I also like to think that I'm fairly anonymous here on the internet.

But lets be honest here - if its 'public' and on the web -just about anyone can find you if they wanted to.

So after my last entry - a rather scathing rant (for me at least), I had little fear as I hit "Publish Post". That is until there was an "anonymous" comment left, and I began to question my usually sensible (and sensitive) judgment. The comment left me with a "I know who you and and were you live" feeling. I was momentarily stunned, I thought that "he" had found my blog and read that particular entry. And I felt embarrassed. This rant did not show my 'nice' side. But after reading the comment more thoroughly I realized it was written by a past co-worker, and 'she' knew of whom I spoke. I was relieved.

I did think about it often over the weekend. My rant - for which I will not delete - was written in the moment and truthfully from my heart. There are no promises that you will get along well with everyone you meet in this life. Maybe I shouldn't have written about it. Maybe I shouldn't have been so mean (I admit I was a little mean). Maybe I should have just stuffed down my feeling and signed up for Anger Management classes. But I also reasoned that this is my blog and as long as I am not breaking any laws, then I can write what I'd like.

I sometimes forget how small this world is. I always forget who might just drop by. And I must always be ready to give an answer for anything I chose to write.

So is this a post going nowhere, or what? Round and round she goes, and where she stops nobody knows.

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