Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lord ..... bless my husband

He tries hard, and I love him for it. Even as I walk away shaking my head.

It was my birthday on Sunday, and we went to the theater on Saturday night - which I had to arrange. Hubby ate something that disagreed with him and caused him to be sick in the night. His attempts to 'clean' the sheets resulted in waking me, at which I suggested we just put on fresh linen's. That was fine, and we put the dirty sheets in the hall to be washed (hopefully) in the morning.

I went off to church, and left hubby in bed sleeping.

I came home and thankfully hubby was dressed as we had been invited out for lunch with friends. Their invite.

The sheets were still in a pile on the floor.

We came home from lunch and hubby presented me with my birthday card and gift. Keep in mind my husband is neither a planner, nor is he spontaneous. He spent an hour pestering me on Saturday as to what I wanted for my birthday. Admittedly I could come up with nothing. "Things" are not what I want from him, but 'things' are what he feels he needs to get. That said I began looking into the package that was my birthday gift. He was very proud to announce that he'd went with a 'theme' this year, and all the 'things' in the gift bag were thematic of 'sleep' (something I can never get enough of).

On top of the parcel was ..... a granny moo-moo night gown ..... the stunned expression on my face told my husband right away something was not right. I tried to hide it, but I was completely disarmed by this little token. And I blurted out before I knew it "do YOU like this?"

Dear heart thought it would bring comfort to me. My only thought was - this is what his mother would wear (no offense mom, but our tastes are very different).

I continued on into the package. I brought out bubble bath (yay!), body spray for nighttime relaxing, shower gel for nighttime relaxing, pillow and room spray for nighttime relaxing. and finally a box containing matching cups and saucers for expresso. Which confused me thoroughly, until he explained they for for the coffee in the morning after my nighttime relaxing sleep.

I bravely spritzed on a bit of the body spray for nighttime relaxing, and although the smell wasn't repellent it carried an odor that was familiar yet allusive.

I thanked him for my presents, but explained that I could not / would not be wearing the night moo-moo. I would return it and find something a little to mine (and hopefully his) liking. I asked him if he'd like to come with me and help me find something, but he said no.

I kinda of gave him some hints surrounding a hidden cake, and possibly some flowers, but to no avail. He explained that while I was returning my gift I could go buy my own birthday carrot cake because I would have the car and he wasn't going to go with me. Which I did.

So my birthday consisted of:
Tickets to live theater - which I bought and organized
Dirty sheets in the hall way - which stayed there all afternoon until I put in the wash
A lunch out - which friends bought
A moo-moo night shift - which I returned
Smelly stuff - which had yet undecided undertones
Carrot cake Birthday cake -which I had to purchase
A bouquet of tulips - which I had to purchase
A major melt down later that evening - all by myself
A bath with new bath bubbles - drawn by the husband, but he wasn't sure why I was upset.

Some of you might think the story ends, but no, it continues.

On Monday I thought I'd spritz a little of nighttime ode of the unknown, and asked a trustworthy co-worker what she thought.

She named the essence right off - public washroom room spray / urinal cake.


Lord .... bless my husband.


Jungle Pop said...

Hey, I'm not alone in being a dolt!

Carolyn said...

Is your husband my husband's long lost brother?

linds said...

Oh dear, sounds like a rather rough birthday celebration! At least you were able to salvage some things for yourself and I am glad that there was carrot cake, even if you did have to get it yourself. At least he tried, you gotta give him that. :S I hope your Easter weekend is going well.

Anonymous said...

Been where you are, but we're past that. If you want your husband to spend more time with you and to be your best friend, you have to quit analyzing and criticizing everything he does. He can't please you because he doesn't know you. Give this a try . . . Vow for six months to listen, really listen to your husband, tell him he's a good man, be specific. Does he provide for his family? Does he treat other people kindly? Is he generous? Does he have a nice butt? Whatever it is, he will love hearing sweet words come from your lips. Your words are powerful. Don't criticize. Don't make faces. Don't give the impression that he's not now and will never be good enough. It won't be easy and you'll mess up. I did. But if you want more of your husband, you start by giving.

LJ Ducharme said...

Thank you Anonymous. Those are very wise words, and you are correct on so many levels. For the record - I do think he has a nice butt, but I'm biased that way! Blessings and thanks.