Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Friday People - Rejoice!

It's Friday and I have next week off work. Although I'm still working through the same issues (mentioned in my last post) I plan on heading over the the Mainland on Sunday afternoon. It will be good to get away, and its just for 2 nights.

One of the disadvantages of 'where' I live is its attached to, and belongs to, where I work. So even doing something as seemingly relaxing as sitting out on our back deck - I look into my works parking lot. I never really get a break from the place.

The hubby is not on holiday's next week, so any adventuring I'll be doing will be on my own. Normally I'm all over that, but the way I've been feeling lately make the thought of doing fun things alone - a little lonely. And I don't just want to stick around the house.

I'll figure it all out. Who knows, maybe I'll go on a mad shopping spree that keeps me in the air-conditioned malls all week. Why not? There's food, there's bathrooms, there's entertainment, there's people ..... we'll see. But don't get all excited for me or anything. I probably won't get up to much to blog about.


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Anonymous said...

I am rejoicing with you! See me waving?