Friday, July 3, 2009

What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

I always cringed a little when my teachers in September asked us what we'd done over the summer. Having grown up in small towns we really didn't get up to much.

However, I am proud to say that I did in fact learn something about myself over my recent two weeks on holidays. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with this information, but at least I fired off a neuron or two - that's got to be good for the old noggin'.

As I said in a previous entry our first week of holidays were spent up at a rustic cabin on a lake up island. It truly was lovely, and a person could get used to waking up in that kind of setting. However, this particular accommodation was without cable (TV) & wireless connection for my laptop.

That might not sound like such a hardship, and to be honest I can live without TV, and I can live without internet/email (for a week) - but I am hard pressed to live without BOTH at the same time.

I am someone who sits in front of a computer every day and has learned to rely on the internet for news and a great deal of entertainment. And when it comes to TV, its often a background accompaniment to whatever is going on in my home life. The husband is a little more 'addicted' to TV than I, but to when I can't have one, I resort to the other.

To live without both ..... stretched my every capillary!

Although ... I had to laugh when we got home. We hadn't been in the door for more than 10 minutes, the kitchen was where EVERYTHING got dumped and I was beginning the task of restoring order, when I hear the "background" sounds warbling down the hall to my TV deprived ears. The HUSBAND had the TV on and was already watching the recorded episodes of "People's Court" that he'd missed.

NOT 10 MINUTES into out arrival of reality! Our bags hadn't even been unpacked yet.

I digress - As much as I enjoyed our time away, I missed not having both connections to the outside world at the same time. I thank the Lord (truly) that I had a laptop that could play DVD's.

This is what I learned on my summer vacation.


Anonymous said...

Reality has a way of just pounding into you like a crashing tide!

Good Timing said...

Always learning new things, aren't you Miss LJ?? ;) And so am I.