Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nuff' Said

Brief hiatus in Vancouver over.

Can't blog.

Too Hot!

Heat Wave - 33C (91F)

Still on holidays.

House is over 25C (80F) at night.

No Air Conditioning.

Must seek relief!


Good Timing said...

Can you get one of those window air conditioners?? We have built in AC and for those days when it is really hot, it makes it all worth it. :)

Cloudy said...

I almost died yesterday in the record heat. Plus, there was a fire near my house so the smoke was choking us. Looking forward to the cool down. Happy holiday!

cardiogirl said...

Oh LJ. I feel for you in such a bad way. I cannot sleep if it's higher than 76 degrees Fahrenheit in the house. Yes, I'm a prima donna.

That bites. Sending chill vibes your way or a cold front, whichever comes first.