Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Burning Issues

I have what I think, is an oddity to put before you today.

I've Googled it (I Google everything), but haven't really come up with any answers.

Every night, say after 8pm, my feet begin to get intensely hot. So hot that I can't tolerate slippers, or socks, human touch, or even the sheets (once I've gone to bed). It's a given that the rest of me will be all cozy and snuggled under the covers, but you will most definitely find my feet poking out and on top of the cool comforter. On rare occasions this infusion of heat will take over the rest of my body as well, but this doesn't happen often.

Do any of you ever get that?


On a different note: I survived Mother's Day. It was a day full of mixed feelings for me. We traveled up island to surprise my Mother-In-Law with a visit. But my thoughts constantly came back to my own Mom. She's been gone for eight and a half months now. I can hardly believe it. I have those moments when I just want to hear her voice one more time, but then I realize she would probably only talk about the weather anyway. I miss her, and this Mother's Day was particularly poignant for me. It will begin to get easier.

Nuf' said. I did better when I talked about having hot feet. So I'll leave it at that!


Pilot Mom said...

(((hugs, LJ)))

It does get better but it does take time.

My feet get cold. I may be uncovered everywhere else but my feet will be covered.

Sorry I'm not much help to you...

Leon said...

Aww, yeah, you'll get better at it. I was actually organized enough this year to call my mom and chat a bit. We both enjoyed it.

As per the heat? The only thing I get is a kind of prickly heat when I am too hot and overtired. Probably the tiredness pumps up my skin sensitivity. That could be your issue too.

linds said...

Awww, it must have been a little bit of a difficult mother's day for me. I felt that way about my grandma too. :( I know it will get easier slowly over time. Know that I am thinking of you. And thank you for your nice thoughts about Casey. He really is lovely, I like him!