Monday, May 7, 2007

I am a multi-tasker, darn it!

...... but ..... I think that I reached my limits when:

I started to brush my teeth.
I wandered into the kitchen to set up the morning coffee.
All the while - with tooth brush still in mouth, occasionally reaching the brush for another swish .... swish.
I fill coffee thermos with water to fill the coffee maker reservoir. Pull out and empty old used filter, replace filter.
Still all the while occasional brushings.
Grind and measure out coffee.
Begin to clean up dishes and pots from dinner and around the sink.
Realize I really have to pee, but don't stop what I'm doing in order to do so.
Cross legs and continue tidying, brushing, setting up coffee.

Until I can stand it no longer. Two things are coming to a fast and needful head. I stop what I'm doing and hop back to the bathroom to spit, and .... well ..... you know.

Do you think this makes me a failure as a multi-tasker?? Or someone who has a problem with her own boundaries?


Leon said...

You are multitasking quite well. I don't know about boundaries but maybe you set your deadlines too early.

Sometimes I can multitask like this but sometimes I must do everything one at a time. Not good for morning rush.

Pilot Mom said...

Well, you sound like me!! ;)

I was quite shocked when I went over to your old place and didn't find you there. I'm glad you left your forwarding address. :D

I've tagged you for a meme over at my place. I hope you will do it.

I like this place much better because we can comment right here and you can comment right back! :)