Thursday, May 3, 2007

Starting Fresh

Greetings!!! I've been with Diaryland for years, but recently - they won't give me access to my account to update - unless I pay cold, hard cash and become a Gold Member. What's the deal with that? I've been posting there for over three years now, paid my money for one year, and now they dis me like this.

I thumb my nose at them, and move my measly writings over here. I certainly don't promise you much, but I need an avenue to vent, or laugh, or cry or just plain write my life's story out on. I chose here.

If you've fumbled upon me and want to play catch up - while they let you - you can read all about me over at

Or at least until I figure out what I've got going on here.



rainyuki said...

arghhh... you are so right about that!

linds said...

LJ - I completely agree with your sentiments abour Dlan - I can't believe that it is still not working. And he still has not even posted a thing about it in the news as to what the trouble is and when it is going to be fixed!! I am thinking of moving too, but the thought of losing all my entries or moving them elsewhere is too daunting. So I don't know what to do!! :P

Maktaaq said...

That's awful about Diaryland - when they don't allow comments or rss feeds.

Well, I look forward to reading you on this stage now. :)

Leon said...

I got your link changed at FM. It's great that mugwhump was free for you to use in your URL.

Carolyn said...

It's good to know where you moved to. My list of MSN favorites is going to be so long!