Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Learning Curves R Us

We have been experiencing a major regroup on staff at church. Last month I was acclimatizing myself to being out at Reception. I don't 'do' Reception well, I prefer to put my head down and barrell through my work. Being on Reception is far from that.

This month the learning curve is being stretched to include the bookkeepping. This is a far more foreign concept for me, but I do enjoy numbers. Today was my first try at testing the water while balancing all the other duties on my plate.

At about 10 am - I was ready to strangle someone. My bad - my lack of patience. I need not reiterate my ability to multi-task, but when I need to multi-task AND learn a new skill ..... its not a pretty site. I have much sympathy for our poor Bookkeeper Jan whose trying to teach me. She deserve extra jewels in her crown in heaven

I will survive this, and I will live on in infamy! I will not be undone by math!!!

I'm exhausted tonight and would like nothing better than a hot bath and early bed.

Alas, we have committments and must go out. Onwards and upwards!


Pilot Mom said...

I'm praying for you, LJ! There will come a time when it all comes together so nicely, I promise! :)

Anonymous said...

YAY... I like this much better. And I don't have to join the other to comment!

Hmmm, so many people it could be annoying you. I wonder if I know who it was, or was it some tragic newbie?

Will be in your hood soonish, I will swing by reception and try to NOT annoy!- MB, Sleepless in Seattle

Christine said...

You will get through it. I wouldn't do very well at being a receptionist and as good as I am at Math, I'd be a horrible bookkeeper. Jan sounds like a very sweet lady.
Hope you have a great weekend.