Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I will not continue to wallow in .... anything. Enough. I will write only positive, uplifting, happy experiences here!

Well, at least I'll try my darndest, to live life on the bright side! No one wants to hear about sadness and grief - least of all me.

So ... on that note: today we get to play a game - Guess that picture. I did take my camera to Pender on the weekend (see my Flickr account for updated photo's), and one particular shot was kinda fun. I'd like to see if you folks can guess what I did - and - no - its not a double exposure.

A prize (of some yet undetermined kind) will be awarded to the winner!


Jungle Pop said...

Reflection of you in the water? While fishing?

Pilot Mom said...

Your reflection through glass?

Christine said...

You, looking through a window that has sheer drapes!

LJ Ducharme said...

Well - you've all got the 'reflection' part correct. We'll see if there are anymore suggestions.
And Jungle Pop - love the avatar/picture. I somehow can't picture Kramer as a Missionary though. LOL!