Thursday, July 26, 2007

A friend for Digit

We just got back from visiting a friend who's cat had kitten.

Guess what? I know you'll guess this ...

We're getting a kitten!! We'll be able to pick 'him' up next week some time, he just turns 8 weeks on Sunday. At present his name is "Pirate" because his mom's name is Cookie and my friends named all the kittens after kinds of cookies - Oreo, Oatmeal, ... With one exception - "Roy".

Anyway, I was pretty sure that my hubby would not be interested, but he surprised me. I'm not sure that we'll keep the name "Pirate" - unless Poolagirl makes him an honorary crew-kitty, then maybe we'll have to.

All in all though - I hope that Digit will get along with the new household member. She is the reason we're getting Pirate (no, no selfish wants and desires here LOL!). We didn't do her right with Daisy, so I am more than ever determined to make this one work.

Well .... wow ..... this is my second entry for today. You still have until tomorrow at 7pm to get in on the "Great Summer Give Away". Don't delay!

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