Sunday, July 29, 2007

Playing Hooky - kinda sorta

It's Sunday morning, and I'm at church, but obviously I'm not "in" church. I found out late on Thursday that I would be 'on deck' on Sunday. Some how, somewhere, someone decided that it would be a good idea to have all of our Janitorial/Facilities team on holidays at the same time. Who authorized that???

Thankfully - I don't have to clean toilets. But I do have to make sure that the myriad of doors are unlocked, coffee percolator's turned on, elevator unlocked, and much more more.

I will sneak in and get a little of our guest speaker’s sermon this morning - just not at the moment.

I've grown kind of blasé about attending church these days. I spend so much of my time here during the week that I find it very hard to come in and sit or be part of the congregation on Sunday's. I suppose I could come to our evening service "The Place", a congregation I have less interaction with - therefore I am able to be more anonymous. But I find this younger crowd, next generation of believers to be too casual.

I was always taught to be reverent, quiet, and respectful when in church on Sunday's. You come in, you worship, you listen, you digest God's word, you have community. But I find this next generation of folk to almost come strictly for the community. Some think nothing of letting their children run around during the service. Some think nothing of sitting close to the front (which is a good think) but getting up and leaving half way through the service, and rarely quietly or un-noticeably. I find it hard not to judge, but here I fail miserably.

I find it all very distracting, and takes away from my time of coming before the Lord on the Sabbath.

I guess though I've got to work on 'getting over myself'. It is important to join together and worship together as a community. All those that come out on a Sunday ARE my community. They ARE my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I just wish they’d do things MY WAY!! LOL!!

Oh me … Praise God for the wonderful works He does. Praise God for making people all different in so many ways. Praise God that He doesn’t strike me down with the lightning bolt I so deserve. Praise God for the way He loves me mercifully and with much grace.

Praise God for His sense of humour!!!


poolie said...

Boy, your entry brought me back a few years when I worked in a church. I never wanted to go into the sanctuary for service. Oddly enough, now that I am no longer employed in a church, I never attend either. I can't explain why. I just don't go. Haven't been since October. Maybe working in a church spoils the experience of attending.

spark and foam said...

Hey, Miss! You win the great "Pay It Forward" challenge! (Not that there was any "challenge" involved, really, but yay for you!) If you e-mail me your snail-mail at, I will send you a prize. And since you offered, I'd love to get in on your prize offering, as well.