Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pirate Pack Isn't Just a Menu Option

Although, if you've never eaten at a White Spot you have no idea what I'm talking about.

What I do mean is ..... we picked up Pirate last night. The most adorable little kitten I've seen in a long time. I tried to take some pictures last night, but none of them caught him in his best light - being a sneaky, fluffy, little, Pirate and all.

He's settling in nicely, but Digit is not to sure about this tiny blitzing wonder. In fact - she's quite peeved at hubby and I, and given to very negatively verbalizing around Pirate. What I can't seem to convince hubby of though, is the fact that no matter how much straight talking about acceptance and tolerance that hubby gives to Digit will she relax in her posture.

I am firmly convinced that Digit will calm down and become more accepting. She's always shown herself to be a polite hostess when we've had other visiting cats (Stinky Pete a stray from last summer, and most recently Daisy). But kitten seems to be able to push all Digit's proprietary boundaries - for now.

In the meantime we are trying to affirm Digit in the place she holds in our hearts. She will always be our #1 cat, and we really did make the decision to get a second cat as a companion for her.

I'll get a picture or two posted as soon as possible.

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