Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer Time and the Living Is .....

The heat wave continues. It was 34C here yesterday ( a quick lesson in metric conversion to get Fahrenheit - double the Celsius temperature and add 32 roughly equals Fahrenheit equivalent). Using the fancy new formula I just gave you - we're talking low 90'sF. For us - that's hot, and especially for our cats (and other peoples pets) AND we have a poorly, if not non-existant - insulated house.

I slept on our back deck last night. I dared the racoon's and the bugs to bother. I wore "Deep Woods Off", and had my trusty cat by my side, and cooly and deeply drifted off to sleep until 4:42am, only waking because of the coolness of morning. At this time I went into the house and curled up beside my warm hubby until the 7am alarm.

My hubby on the other hand decided to stay in our inferno like bedroom (the house kept a constant 80'sF for these nights and days) and have a sleepless night of his own. Silly boy.

Thankfully, today seems to be cooling off a little. I love to be warm, but I'd settle for a little less than we've been experiencing.

My work week is doing well. I didn't completely do a mental-dump of everything I ever learned on the job, while I was away. Remembering my passwords is almost always my first test. In fact I am well on line with much of my catching up. This is a good thing.

Being someone who likes to know whats going on, the one thing I miss while being away on holidays is finding out first hand what the in-house news is. I know I have a gossips heart - but not in a bad way - I like knowing what's going on, but rarely share it. Or rather - share it only when it edifies the body. Does that make sense. I love knowing how to pray for people, meeting peoples needs, and being on the "in" of stuff. But on the flip side - this is also what wears me down and burns me out. What's an introverted people person to do?

Anyway - I'm fully back in the saddle and enjoying it being summer. God is good all the time. All the time God is good. Amen!


Toast said...

It is in the 90's here too - and has been since April. With about - and this is a rough estimate - 337% humidity. I checked the 10 day forecast and you guessed it, mid-90's, humid and sunny for the next 10 days. Ah, Florida . . . luckily it cools down to around to a brisk 85 degrees at night. ;)

Christine said...

Even though it's been 118F here, it's been a dry heat, very little humidity. Inside my house is a constant 80F, but I'm used to it. Any lower and I start to freeze. If it were cool enough, in the high 80s I'd probably spend the night outside, just for some fresh air.