Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rough Stuff

I am pleased to say that THIS is the kind of hard-core camping I've wanted to do all my life, but didn't know it existed for white trash like me.

OK, so the white trash comment is a little out of line. I take it back.

We roll up to my friends trailer. Not really know what to expect. We'd actually stayed at this resort for our 1st anniversary four years ago, but in a cabin. The really funny thing is that that same weekend the people who own this trailer was also up here - IN this trailer - our paths just never crossed.

I digress - this is really roughing it. The trailer is around 20+ fee long. It has a queen size bed, full size fridge and good size freezer, toaster, coffee maker, microwave ....

The really truly bestest roughing part is ..... the cable tv, and internet access!!

Is this livin' or what???

I'd feel almost embarrassed, but I'm liking this a whole lot, and have firmly decided I want one when I grow up.

Well, now that I've rambled on about the accommodations I'm pleased to say that we've had couple of truly relaxing days. The sun has been out and hot (my shoulders got burned yesterday) but the river behind the trailer is cold and flowing. We wandered into town yesterday and each one a game of mini-golf and one of my two favourite courses. Today I hope to gain victory in the mini-golf department when we play our other favourite course.

Simple things give great thrills to simple people.

I will have some pictures for you, but I will have to wait to download them when we get back home.

With this I must be going, some lazy by the fire pit with my book is in order.


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Carolyn said...

That is the only kind of camping we do now. It's relaxing, yet comfortable. And you get just dirty enough to say you've been camping!